Timeline of Fly by Night



    Fly by Night Women’s Printing Collective


    Fly by Night’s members included: Alice Embree, Rita Starpattern, Cynthia Roberts, Melita Abrego, and Missy Bondy. Below is a timeline of major events in Fly by Night’s history.

    • June 1974

      The women of Fly by Night overhaul a community press and haul it to their 901 W 24th St location.

      AR-1999-013-158. J.B. Colson Collection of Advanced Photojournalism Student Projects (AR.1999.013). Austin History Center, Austin Public Library, Texas.

    • September 1974

      Fly by Night begins operating as a small, woman run print shop.

    • June 1975

      The Soeur Queens Songbook is published by Fly by Night. It was 36 pages and sold for 75 cents a copy.

      Courtesy of Alice Embree, Art by Nancy Collins

    • Fall 1975

      The Cyclar is printed by Fly by Night. It was a calendar that highlighted women for the year 1976. Copies sold for $4.00 and contained photography from local women.

    • November 1975

      Fly by Night moves to their 2204 San Gabriel Street location in the Bread and Roses Center. They also begin to have more stable operating hours and employee wages.

      Courtesy of the Austin History Center

    “We talked the director of the program into letting us overhaul a community press (a Multilith 1250) as part of an ACC class. It was hauled upstairs in June 1974 to the location at 901 West 24th Street and we began operations as Fly By Night in September 1974.”

    Alice Embree

    Red River Women’s Press


    Red River’s members included Alice Embree and Rita Starpattern of Fly by Night, as well as new members: JoAnn Mulert, Linda Evans, Gail Lewis, Lori Hansel, Marce Lacouture, Barbara Krasne and Kandy Littrell. Below is a timeline of major events in Red River’s history.

    • January 1977

      Red River Women’s Press begins operations as the successor to Fly by Night.

    • February 1977

      Red River holds a musical benefit at Soap Creek Saloon to raise money to expand their operation.

      The Soap Creek Salon circa 197X, photographer unknown

    • June 1977

      Red River opens a store front at 908 C West 12th St. in the Enfield Shopping Center.

    • May 1981

      Shoal Creek floods, submerging Red River’s equipment and shop.

      [PICA-29470], Austin History Center, Austin Public Library.

    • Winter 1981

      Red River Women’s Press officially closes its doors, forever.

    “As Red River Women’s Press, we operated as a local of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW). We got a second press, set up a darkroom, and a silk-screening area, and produced leaflets for the women’s movement, Chile solidarity, the Brown Berets, and more, along with more traditional printing orders such as business cards, stationery and envelopes.”

    Alice Embree


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