The Cyclar

The Cylar Women’s Calendar was the brainchild of Robin Birdfeather, who was an activist and photographer in 1970s Austin. Through a collaboration with Fly by Night, the Cylar came into reality. Put together from start to finish by women, the Cyclar stands as one of Fly by Night’s greatest works. According to Melita Abrego, a printer at Fly by Night, the Cyclar “was a calendar about women, printed by women, distributed & sold by women.”

Below you’ll find a digitized version of an original Cyclar calendar, provided generously by Robin herself! All credit goes to the printers and photographers who helped create Cylar. Below is also an excerpt from The Rag that announces Cyclar and an original order slip for the Cyclar.

The cover, acknowledgements pages, end page, Fly by Night flyer, and Cyclar Order Slip.

Cyclar Excerpt from The Rag, 1975.

Click this link to check out the full multi-page spread on the Women’s community in Austin, circa The Rag vol. 10 no. 2
(24 October 1975).